Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Blog?

What is the point in blogging? Blogging is a way to express ones thoughts. To get to know someone you hardly know anything about and to be able to hear what their options are. There are people out there that are shy so the internet is a great way to open these people up. These people can get behind a computer and just type out exactly how they feel about the situation without worrying what people may say to them or how others may react. Also by having a chance to blog about a certain subject gives you time to think about how you want to word what you want to say. Rather than in person you just have to say what come first without thinking it through fully.

Douglas Rushoff writes an article called “The Internet Is Not Killing off Conversation but Actively Encouraging It” Douglas thinks it is not the product that sells the item. Rushoff, believes it is the cartoon character or the bubble gum on or inside the product that makes the product sell faster. Just like any product he thinks the internet is the same way. The internet helps start questions with someone you hardly know. But we don’t always use the internet, in our conversations, just like the product. We use “Something to have when the conversation goes quiet at work the next day; an excuse to start a discussion with that attractive person in the next cubicle.” He says we may use “video clips” just to start off a conversation with someone we want to know better. Not necessary say the internet, although we work our way around it.
While Neale Talbot writes an article called “Weblogs (Good God Y’all) What Are They Good for (Absolutely Nothing-Say It Again)” He believes that blogging “is not a revolution.” Neale thinks “there is nothing revolutionary about something that’s been going on since the Web began.” What Neale doesn’t fully understand is the fact that revolutionary means new. With the internet there is always something new going on. Due to that fact the internet is a huge revolution in the world today.
Although I have to disagree with Talbot and agree with Rushoff, I believe that the web is an easy way to get new information’s about worldly things or about a friend’s life. Therefore web blogging has changed the world in which we live in. If we didn’t have the internet information would not be getting to place to place as fast as it is. We wouldn’t know about any new information’s and by the time we did hear about it would be considered old.

Can you remember the first time you posted your blog and the next day you got a message saying modify your blog post? After clicking that picture as your reading what your fellow blogger was saying about your blog? I am pretty sure your heart just filled with excitement. The internet is a great way to connect with old and new friends.

Word of wisdom: Using blogs can help you get to know someone you hardly know.

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