Wednesday, March 10, 2010

keep the people that make you smile

My friend Amy called me the other night we have not talked since graduation. She was telling me story about a guy named Adam. Amy kept saying “he is amazing. He’s all I’ve ever wanted and more, he is one of them people you can walk down the street with and you do not even have to hold hands because we know how we feel.”

During high school Amy was in a long term relationship with Toby. This guy was completely different than Adam. Amy thinks it’s not fake with her and Adam. She is totally comfortable with him. She has known Adam for about two years, and she like him for those two years she would call during high school and go on and on about him. She never thought it would work out with the. She had no idea he actually liked her. That is why she dated other guys.

When Adam told Amy he liked her, she was still with Toby. She was a mess. But Amy and Toby split up because he cheated, and Adam and all her other guys wanted to beat him up for hurting her so much.
Adam was the only one out of all of Amy’s friends who would talk to her about the relationship with Toby. She told him she had feelings for him and she always has. Now the two of them are together. It’s weird she has never had something so perfect and exactly what she wanted. He is tall dark haired, and green eyed guy. It is not just that either she says, “He’s amazing, he is nice, funny, and can take any side of me, even me in the morning. He always knows how to make me smile when I am upset and is one of the nicest guys I have met.”

From her experience I learned a lot about life. Imagine the people you see everyday right now, the people you would least expect to not see tomorrow. In a couple years, college will come and with it new friends and new experiences. The people you see every day in the halls; your friends and some of them, your best friends, will disappear from your life... each going their own way. You'll see them once every 10 years at some random reunion, if that. These are the people you have grown up with and become friends with or even if you're not, there will come a time when many of them won't even cross your mind. The truth is ... you'll see your best friends maybe once a year because time goes by so fast and everyone is so busy. Enjoy today and enjoy tomorrow because these days come but once in your lives. Be thankful for what you have and most of all, for who you have in your life because life's plan for you may bring you away from these people. But no matter what anyone else says, and no matter what time can do, your heart will always bring the best back, and your memories with them will forever hold a place in your soul.
Words of wisdom: keep in touch with close friends.

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