Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Young Years: Another Year Older

It was a chilly fall evening around four o’clock at night. I was over at Emily’s house my old friend from the 1990’s. We lived in a big neighborhood in Pickerington, Ohio. She lived in an old brick house with five windows in the fount of the house. She lived right across from my house. While at her house we were up in her room, which was on the top floor above the kitchen. My mother told me I could only stay at Emily’s house until six o’clock. I had to be home at six o’clock because we were going out to dinner for my birthday.

Emily and I could not decide what we wanted to do with the time we had. Should we watch a movie, play on the computer, or play dress up? It took us five dragging minutes to agree on what we were going to do the next 2 hours. On those five hours we reached a conclusion of watching my favorite Disney movie Aladdin. After Aladdin was over I grabbed my sweatshirt put it on and walked a crossed the black pavement to my house to get ready to leave for dinner.

My mom, dad, brother, and I got into my mom’s red jeep. She asked me where I wanted to go for my Birthday dinner. I told her I wanted to go to Max and Erma’s. On our way to Columbus we listened to my new CD Brittany Spears that I got for my birthday from my brother. We had to stop by my grand mas and grand pas house to pick them up so they could join us. They got into the jeep with us. We were on way to Columbus.

On the way up to Max and Erma’s my grandparents gave me a new gift. I was holding a tiny box with pink wrapping paper with a purple ribbon and a blue bow in the middle. I ripped opened the pink wrapping paper as fast as I could to see what was inside. My grandparents got me a new polley pocket and a savings bond. I was so in love with my new doll.

Finally we made it to Max and Erma’s. I was craving a cheeseburger with French fries and for dessert a warm chocolate chip cookie. We went inside and we had to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes because they were busy. After a while it was our turn to be seated. The tall, brown haired, and tan skinned hostess seat us. She took us to a booth by a window. I was extremely hungry I could smell onion rings, cookies, and hamburgers as we walked to our booth.

The server came and took our drinks and orders. After twenty minutes our food beyond recall came out on a large tray. I took a big bit of my cheeseburger. The cheese burger tasted so good. I could feel the cheese melt in my mouth. I took a bite of my French fries. I could taste the seasoning as it touched my tongue. My French fried need something else so I adding a little more salt. Salt was the missing ingredient. I was definitely filling up and becoming full. But I had to save room for my chocolate chip cookie. The server came out be hide the door from the kitchen with a candle and a group of his co workers singing “Happy Birthday”.

We left Max and Erma’s going home full. By the time we left it was about eight thrity. The moon was out. When I walked outside I got goose bumps because a cold wind blew past me. Leaves flew behind me and around me. I was so happy that my family and grandparents took me out to dinner for my Birthday. When we arrived home I went straight to bed with a big smile on my face and full belly. What a great way to end a wonderful birthday.

word of wisdom: Hold on to every memory.


Hillblogger said...

I really enjoyed reading this blog. The parts that caught my attention was that you and your friend took five minutes to decide what to do. Watching Aladdin was an excellent choice. Even though my favorite movie is The Lion King I really like Aladdin also. Makes me think of simpler days as a child. Also for your birthday you and your family went to my favorite restaurant. Max & Ermas and when you explained how the food tasted I felt like I was eating there also. I am glad that you had a good birthday with your family.

Ren29 said...

Wow your words of wisdom really got to me. Hold on to every memory. How true that statement is because if you don't hold on to your memories then one day you will be left with nothing. And with my sister being sick and not having much time left with her pretty soon those memories will be all that i have left. The memory i have of my sister before she was diagnosed with cancer was her eleventh birthday party. We had it at the bowling alley in heath. I can remember her and her twin begging our parents to have the party there, but we kept telling them no because we wanted it to be a surprise. I can still see her face when she on her birthday she realized she was having a birthday party. She was so excited her eyes lit up like the fireworks on the fourth of july. I will always cherish that.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

Wow, Stephanie, every memory is right! You even remembered that your french fires needed salt!

I'm not sure if I have ever felt the same sense of privilege that I felt when celebrating my birthday as a child: it's all about you.

I've had many favorite birthday gifts, over the years, but it's smaller ones I remember best, like a particular rack pack of 1981 Topps baseball cards with George Brett on top that I spotted when my folks and I were in the then-storeroom-sized Toys 'R' Us a few days earlier, or two small boxes of mixed gummy candies from the new candy store that opened in town in 1984, at the onset of the gummy craze.

Ah, yes, it's all about you.

Anonymous said...

I like how you described the cheesburger tasting so delicious. It was very descriptive. Holding on to each and every memory that you can is good advice. My grandparents passed away years ago, so it was nice hearing about your dinner together. Sometime, you should let your grandparents tell you stories of the olden days, and better yet, write them down as well. You'll find that later in life those words will mean so much to you, and the memories that you had long forgotten will take you back, and that is a precious gift.

Shinobi110990 said...

I love all the Aladdin movies, but my favorite is still the original. I’ve seen that move dozens of times and always look forward to watching it again. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Max & Ermas in my life time. I’ll have to try it out some time with my wife. I always think spending time with friends is great on my birthday as well as family. So I’m glad to see that you got to do both and have a wonderful time.